List of 10 Best .IO Games to Play Online in 2020

Hello gamers, welcome to our blog, today we are counting down on our list of top 10 best .io games to play right now.

The .IO is TDL (Top Level Domain) extension stand for British Indian Ocean Territory. is one of the first popular multiplayer .io games used the .io extension which is released in April 2015. These games are very easily accessible and can be played in any connection and device.

With thousands of .io games out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth a shot, so today we have collected the top 10 best .io games to play.

10 Best .IO Games


Best .io games
Image Source: is an online robot action video game, which allows you to fight with the robots. This is an intense robot battle where you fight with the other players around the world.

This is a brand new io style third-person shooter video game in io games, the pits you vs 100 other players to fight against other players. You can upgrade your robots and utilize walls to trap where you take down your opponents in different ways. Play this epic robot action on your Android, iOS devices or on the web browser.

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9. is an online multiplayer browser video game, that takes place in the depth of the ocean. It was released on 9 November 2016, and it was one of the top io games since the year 2016.

The gameplay features the ocean’s food chain system, where you can play with more than 80 animals with different abilities. Eat food and other players to reach the top of the food chain. Evolve your animals to earn points, hide in the underwater terrain. Eat fishes and become a Shark.


Best .io games is an online multiplayer video game, it was released on 12 July 2017. The game is played by the millions of players around the world and it features 2D physics real-time gameplay. The player has to control a car with a gaint object connected.

You will release and reconnect the flail from the car by clicking or touching on the screen. Throw the flail against the enemies to destroy their car, it is easy to play and har to master the game. Develop smart strategies to catch your enemies by crushing them against the wall.

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Best .io games
Image Source: is an online drawing game, it was released on 14 July 2017. This game will give a lot of fun in guessing drawing and every round is chosen to draw something to guess other players. If you achieve the goal of highest points will be declared to be the winner of the game. features to create your own room by inviting up to fifty players to play together by sharing an inviting link. Choose between the different rooms to draw and have fun.

6. is a smash hit multiplayer tank video game, available on mobile devices Android, iOS, and Web Browser. The game is made by the creators of popular, it was released in 2016. Shoot down the other players from you to earn XP, level up your tank and unlock new abilities and weapons.

You will choose the weapons from a rapid-fire machine gun to missiles to shoot down all enemies. features a massive server where a dozen players will be played at once. Upgrade your tank by reaching new levels and unlock new classes. This game offers a great experience in the web game with new perfect in-game control and gameplay.


Best .io games is an online 2D battle royale video game available on web browsers, Android, and iOS. The game serves the same experience and features from mobile to the desktop browser.

This battle royale is packed into an intense five minutes experience with no lobbies and no lengthy drop sequences. features a completely new map in each and every game every spawn map will be randomly chosen using a new map generation system. The player can choose the mode in Solo, Duo, or Squads to fight in this battle royale.

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Best .io games
Image Source: is an arcade puzzle and battle royale video game, it was released on 21 June 2018. The game was available to play on Android and iOS devices. In this game, you have to control a black hole moving around a city.

The hole is taken in all different objects that come in your way and also increase its size to consume larger buildings. features a classic mode, where the players have to become the biggest hole in the time of two minutes. The hole consumes trees, humans, cars, buildings, and various objects that fit into the black hole.

3. 2

Best .io games 2 2 is a one of the best .io games. It is a real-time multiplayer strategy video game created by Voodoo. It was released on August 9, 2018, this game was available to play on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. It was the most popular mobile game, played by a lot of players around the world.

The game features simple action and goals, where you have to capture the territory by creating the loop with your paper block. Steal the area from your opponent expand your area as much large as possible in this popular online web game.


Best .io games slither .io
Image Source: is a casual online multiplayer video game, it was released on March 25, 2016. The game was available to play on Web, Browser, iOS, Android, and Windows 10. serves similar gameplay as, where you have to consume multicolored pallets spawn on the map to grow big. If your slithers head comes in contact with other players, you will explode then the game is over. But other player head touches you they will explode, you can eat their remains.


Best .io games is number 1 on the list of top 10 best .io games. It is an online multiplayer cell-eating frenzy video game, it was released on January 13, 2020. It was available to play on Web Browser, Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Platforms. The goal is to gain as much weight by eating agar and cells.

Survive and eat as much as possible as you can to become the largest or biggest cell in the game. The current version of the game features five modes to play that is Free-To-All, Battle Royale, Experimental, Teams, and Party.

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