Top 10 Bike Racing Games for Android [Free Download]

Best Bike Racing Games for Android

Hello, gamers today we are counting on our picks on top 10 best bike racing games for android for free download. Following top 10 bike racing games give you the best racing experience these games have awesome graphics, crazy stunts, and a lot of fun. Download directly from play store and start racing.

Bike Racing Games for Android

#1 Traffic rider

Bike Racing Games for Android: Traffic rider

Traffic rider is a first-person bike riding game. This is one of the most popular bike racing game. In this game, you are behind the wheels of a motorbike and drive at full speed through traffic.

The gameplay is so simple, This is an endless racing genre, you get 29 motorbikes to choose from with real motor sounds. tracks are always straight highways in this game, so when you pass other cars, you never have to worry about sharp turns.

Achieve high score by driving fast, doing wheelies and driving in opposite direction in two-way.

Download traffic rider from play store


#2 Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer

Bike Racing Games for Android: Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer

This is a fast and bold bike driving game that lets you drive through insanely fast highways with blazingly fast speeds on your motorcycle. Dodge the traffic and try to get a high score with close calls. Increase your speed and score in this fast, real bike racing challenge.

This game has an online multiplayer mode. You can play with your friends in an online mode. Why not! challenge your friends by racing online. The best part of this game has 4 different highways, outrun the police in Fugitive mode, customize your rider and bike to give them your own style, and more.

Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer is the ultimate racing game for any bike racing fan!

Download Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer from play store


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#3 Racing fever moto

Bike Racing Games for Android: Racing fever moto

Racing fever moto is a motor driving android game with amazing racing experience and realistic graphics. This game has 16 bikes with a fully customizable option. It has 4 different camera angle that makes it look more realist.

This game features a racing adventure with four different gang leaders with tons of levels. There various types of levels set in four different regions. The player has to defeat all the four leaders to become the best racer in the game.

Racing Fever: Moto is fun and excitement pair of tires with amazing racing experience and graphics that you can spend hours playing this game.

Download from play store:


#4 Trials frontier

Bike Racing Games for Android: Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier is unlike another bike racing game that you’ve never seen before. You can ride your motorbike on extremely dangerous tracks while performing wheelies, amazing jumps, flips and mind-blowing stunts.

The game features physics-based gameplay, where you can control your bike accuracy by shifting your weight forward or backwards for better landing and stunts. There are hundreds of unique tracks to race on with a variety of different wicked bikes and you can also build your own bike in the garage.

In Multiplayer mode, the player allows to race against extreme riders from around the world, where you can win exclusive rewards and rank on top on the leaderboard.

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#5 Asphalt 8 airborne – bike mode

Asphalt 8 airborne - bike mode

Asphalt 8 is the place where you’ll race some of the most high-performance and hottest machines ever created. From cars to bikes you can experience the best racing gameplay and environments.

There are a number of selection of vehicles over more than 200 hottest high-performance bikes and cars for you to drive beyond the limits. Also, you can upgrade and customize your own ride that suits your style. Perform insane stunts and maximize speed to find the fastest route to finish the line.

Hence, there are plenty of hidden shortcuts in the game to discover throughout every location. Asphalt 8 features over more than 40 race track set in different regions such as Venice, Iceland, the Nevada Desert and more.

Download from play store


#6 SBK16

Bike racing games for android: SBK16

In SBK16 you can experience most challenging race tracks by handling very high speed beast motorbikes. Compete against various motorbike champions and show your riding skills in this new motorbike racing game.

This game features various modes including Championship, Quick Race, Test Ride and Time Attack, in which you can prove your skills. There are more than 20 international world champions star riders featured in the game. Step up in the racing field that set in 4 different continents with the 10 different controls options.

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#7 Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag

Bike racing games for android: Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag

Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag will take you in an ultimate racing action with an epic story of underground rivalry and gang battles. This is one of the mind-bending racing video game available for the android devices, in which you can race with the most brutal kings of the road.

This game features over more than 70 modded motorbikes with the options of customization setting to make the ride of your own style. Race in huge urban sprawl called The City, which is separated into districts each run by a different bike gang.

In Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag You’ll have to beat all challenges of the bikers to take control over The City.

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#8 Bike Attack Race: Highway Tricky Stunt Rider

Bike racing games for android: Bike Attack Race

Get ready for the epic thrilling stunt bike attack racing adventure video game and feel the endless thrill of highway race. It was one of the most popular superbikes racing game really enjoyable and astonishing gameplay.

The game allows you to boost your bike riding skills and provides you with real challenging racing missions. Tilt your device to steer the bike and attack opponent with Bat, Axe, Kick and Punch. Use nitro to boost up your bike and win the race.

This game can be played in single or multiplayer mode with ultra-smooth gameplay and controls. There a wide range of heavy bikes, costumes and weapons to choose which suits your style.

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#9 Bike Racing 3D

Bike racing games for android: bike racing 3d

Bike Racing 3D is of the extreme BMX game that filled with incredible stunt and action. You can drive through various tracks while performing stunts in this realistic bike physics based gameplay.

Race against mad rivals through the amazing tracks with high speed bikes and intense adventure. This game features over 60 tracks in career mode with 3D physics and good graphics.

In Bike Racing 3D you can also select a wide range of unique bikes to play with the bike you want.

Download from play store


#10 Police Moto Bike Highway Rider Traffic Racing Game

Police Moto Bike Highway Rider Traffic Racing Game

Police Moto Bike is an heavy traffic bike racing video game. Gear up for this extreme endless traffic racing in which you can feel the police chase on action on highways with your own superbike.

The game features with high-quality graphics with best tracks and environments. The police chase racing game is more fun where you can enjoy multiple vehicles chase with a new modern interface. Show your chasing skills in this best arcade motorcycle racing game.

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That’s it, we have covered all the top bike racing games for android. Comment down below and let us know which is your favourite game. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notification of new games and updates.

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