Free Fire Tips and Tricks: To become a pro Player

Free Fire Tips and Tricks

In this article we are discussing about Free Fire Tips and Tricks to become a pro. Garena Free Fire or Free Fire Battlegrounds is a battle royale game. It was developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena. This game is available only for Android and iOS devices.

It is becoming one of the most downloaded games with over 500 million downloads. This game is received the Best Popular Game award in 2019 by the Google Play Store. The game has grossed over 1 billion dollars worldwide as of now.

Want to become the pro in the game? Then you have to know the basic and advanced Free Fire tips and tricks to master the game. So let’s find out some pro tips to improve strategy and skills to become a pro in Free Fire.

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Lets start the 13 best Free Fire Tips and Tricks to improve your gameplay

#1 Drop to a safe place


If you are a defensive player pick a safe landing point away from the path of the plane. Try to survive the early game without getting into the fight. Dropping close to the plane’s route may lead to the hot-drop zones, where a lot of players will land.

So, landing far will increase the chances of survival and you’ll be able to get some best loot. If you are aggressive player land in hot-drop areas where you can get in the action early in the game and learn to be very quick on your feet.

#2 Shoot to get kills


Try to shoot only when you’re completely sure to secure the kill. Take fight when two enemies are engaged in the fight try to third party them and take advantage of the kills. Or you can also wait for the enemy to kill whoever they fighting. When they heal or coming out rush after them and get a plus kill.

#3 Don’t loot in the open field


Most of the players loot in the open after finishing off a player which is not good. When the enemy sees you in the open while looting he can easily finish you off. So try to avoid being an easy target move continuously while looting or get behind a cover. This strategy will help you not to get aim at you easily.

#4 Better your aim

Aim precision settings

Better aiming is very important in all the battle royale games. If your aim is weak try to use the default aim precision settings in-game with or without the scope. It will help you to move your crosshair automatically towards your target. Crouch and fire to land a perfect headshot at your enemies. This is similar to the aim assist feature in PUBG Mobile game.

#5 Know your best Setting & Sensitivity

Sensitivity settings

Sensitivity is another best point to improve your reaction time in the game. So knowing your best sensitivity settings will help you to move in any direction quickly. So figure out your best sensitivity settings that suit your gameplay. Don’t copy from others it will put you big trouble it acts differently depends upon your mobile devices.

#6 Take fights in the Shrinking Zone

Shrinking Zone

A lot of players don’t fight in the shrinking zone even in the first circle, the first zone won’t damage too much. Take fights in the starting zone when you have the advantage because that’s what pro players do in their gameplay.

Taking a fight in a shrinking zone will improve your gameplay style, take a good cover before engaging in combat. Give priority to the zone only at the end circles because they inflict a lot of damage.

#7 Sniping your improves aim


A sniper is very important to take down your enemies from long distances. A sniper is a one-shot kill gun and it requires a lot of practice to master in sniping. Go in solo mode take sniper start practicing to improve your aiming skill. It is one of the best tips and tricks to become a pro in Free Fire Battlegrounds.

#8 Hunt for the Airdrops

Airdrops in free fire

Try to loot airdrops in every game because airdrop weapon tends to perform better than other weapons. When you find an airdrop create a gloo wall around it to loot safely.

Also, the gloo wall helps you to stay in cover from campers. Most players avoid the airdrop due to fear of getting knocked by the campers. But airdrops have a lot of good loot. With a great cover, you can safely take all these supplies and get Booyah.

#9 Revive and Heal yourself at same time

Reviving & Healing in free fire

This is the best feature it saves your time helps to save your teammate and heal yourself at the same time. Time is a key element in the battle royale games like free fire for victory. Take advantage of this feature and improve your gameplay.

#10 Learn to play with a different weapon combination

The variety of loadout can help you to come on to the top in the battle royale games. Try to play with every weapon with attachments choose the best weapon combination that suits your style. An assault rifle and a sniper is the best combo where AR helps you to fight in close range and a sniper helps you to take down the enemies from a far distance.

#11 The Minimap is your best friend

Minimap of free fire

The main map will help you to know the drop locations and also helps you to know the next play area. Like that, the minimap will help you to shows the directions for enemy footsteps and firing bullets. So keep a close eye on the mini-map it will give you a huge advantage while enemies up close to you.  

#12 Practice daily In Clash Squad mode

Clash squad is a great way to practice shooting and creating gloo wall that will help you to improve your gameplay. In this mode, your team will fight against another team. You’ll be revived unlimited time until the match finished.

This clash squad mode is like a training room where you get better in your game skill by practicing daily. Playing 2 to 3 matches every day you will become a pro player. And also this mode helps you to prepare for ranking games.

#13 Compete In Custom Rooms

Lots of YouTubers and pro players create custom matches daily for live-streaming or for practice. You should join these custom matches and test your level. There, you will find a lot of pro players or top players.

The competitive level is very high and you can learn a lot of tricks and skills from those players. So, this is one of the best Free Fire Pro tips and trick that you should try to become a pro soon.

Now I like to hear from you how many tricks you apply while playing and let us know your free fire tips and tricks in the comments.

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