List of 10 Best Online Games like Free Fire [For Android Devices]

In this article we look into some online games like free fire that can run on your low end android devices.

Free fire is one of the best battle royale games nowadays on mobile platforms, and it gains the attention of millions of fans from Indian after the PUBG Mobile ban. The game is really loved for its short matches and action-packed gameplay.

It has over more than 500 million downloads on the google play store and it has become one of the most popular battle royale game. If you’re looking for similar online games like free fire, then you’re in the right place. Today we bring you some best games like the free fire that offers similar gameplay style and it can run also on your low-end Android devices.

So let’s check out the list:

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Online Games Like Free Fire

#1 Scarfall The Royale Combat

online games like free fire Scarfall

Scarfall is an ultimate battle royale game available on your android and iOS devices. It is an online shooting game with a survival instinct and multiplayer strategic gameplay. The game features team deathmatch and solo deathmatch, where you can play battles in online or offline with 4v4 Squad mode.

It can be played in both first and third-person and you can also drive some modern vehicle to roam faster to the safe zone. There are a wide variety of highly loaded weapons and vast environment. In this game, you have 3 chances to re-spawn and to survive in the shirking zone and become the last man standing in this battleground.

Download Scarfall from: Click Here

#2 Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

online games like free fire  Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground

Pixel’s unknown battlegrounds is a pixel’s battle royale video game for mobile devices. In this survival shooter video game, the player can jump into the island from the chopper, where you can collect loot and hunt down the opponents. The game features team-based gameplay with different graphics modes depends on the device.

There are over more than thirty weapons types and also had cars and military vehicles to move faster to another place or safe zone. The game features a huge map and has easy and intuitive control settings to survive this multiplayer battle royale game.

Download Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground from: Click Here

#3 The Killbox: Arena Combat Asia

The Killbox Arena Combat Asia

The Killbox: Arena Combat Asia is real-time PVP battle arena video game, in which you will face against various opponents as your enemies. The game features immersive and intense first-person shooter action in a 6v6 real-time battle.

You can play together with friends to defeat enemies in Team mode gameplay. The brand new version on the kill box is has a lot of new additions, where you can play with new maps, awesome weapons and new competition system.

Download The Killbox: Arena Combat Asia from: Click Here

#4 Frag Pro Shooter

online games like free fire Frag Pro Shooter

Frag Pro Shooter is a free shooter game where you can play against different players around the world. The player can control character in third or first-person views, and discover the new cooperative mode with your teammates.

You can switch between five characters to gain the advantage, where you can re-gain life instantly with another character. The player can customize and upgrade your characters with powerful and awesome skins. Every character features their own strength and weaknesses to try and pick your favourite character that suits your play style.

Download Frag Pro Shooter from: Click Here

#5 Modern Ops – Action Shooter (Online FPS)

Modern Ops Action Shooter

Modern Ops – Action Shooter (Online FPS) is a new 3d fps action shooter video game, where you can jump into never-ending action and battles. The game features over more than 30+ modern guns and pistols, pick your favourite sniper, shotgun, machine gun or assault rifles.

In this game, you can battle up to 10 players in PVP action, where you can be joining against different players around the world. Modern Ops features drone strike, sentry gun and even also a rocket launcher to make battle strategy very unique. Try and use different battle tactics and strategies to win this explosive online game on a variety of maps.

Download Modern Ops Action Shooter from: Click Here

#6 Shadowgun War Games – Online PvP FPS

Shadow Gun War Games Online PvP FPS

Shadowgun War Games – Online PvP FPS is a PVP battle arena video game. Where you can experience intense multiplayer battles and modes. Squad up with your friends and fight against a different player in various maps, arenas and in unique game events.

The game features a 5v5 blazing Team Deathmatch battle with better graphics and controls. The player can customize his character with skins, emotes, charms and stickers. So let’s jump into this multiplayer fps battle with your best skill and strategy to gain victory in every battle.

Download Shadowgun War Games – Online PvP FPS from: Click Here

#7 Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is an epic survival last man standing multiplayer battle royale video game. The game is available on your android and iOS devices, where you can play with 32 players in a 5-minute battle with non-stop action.

There are no lobbies and no complicated menus to navigate in the game. Just jump parachute play loot and survive till the end. Enter the battle arena in Solo or Duo with your friends, choose landing spot, loot weapons and get ready for the fighting action in a huge map. You can collect rewards by completing battles, where you can collect new characters, emotes, and parachutes as you level up.

Download Battlelands Royale from: Click Here

#8 PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite is an online multiplayer battle royale video game, which is developed by lightspeed & quantum studios. This game is the light version of the original game PUBG Mobile and it features action-packed multiplayer arena gameplay.

The game puts you on an island with other 60 players as opponents that lasts 10 minutes or less. Parachute into island loot weapons and health gain items, play with strategy and battle tactics to gain victory and become the last man standing in this battle royale. The game requires 600MB of free space on your mobile devices and can run smoothly on 1GB RAM.

Download PUBG Mobile Lite from: Click Here / apkfile

#9 Fortnite


Fortnite is an online multiplayer battle royale video game, which is developed by Epic Games. This is a free-to-play battle royale game, where you can play with up to a hundred players to fight and compete in a battle..

The game starts dropping from the battle bus that crosses the map after landing you must loot for weapons, items, and resources. Stay alive and attack other players to eliminate them from the battle. The shrinking zone lets players move in a tighter space. If they were outside the zone they take damage from an incoming toxic storm. So try to be in safe zone play with a unique strategy and combat tactics to win this battle royale.

Download Fortnite from Epic Games Store.

#10 Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is a free-to-play shooter video game that officially designed for mobile platforms. The game features a 100 players battleground, a quick 5v5 deathmatch, sniper vs sniper battles with iconic maps and gameplay modes. It features high-quality graphics with fully customizable controls and also has voice and text chats.

You can unlock and earn different famous character, weapons, outfits, and gears that can be used to customize load-outs. Use your battling skills and strategy to be in the top in a Competitive Ranked Mode. And win more clan prizes by playing with your friends. Compete against different players around the world and jump into this most beloved thrilling multiplayer shooter game from your mobile devices.

Download Call of Duty Mobile from: Click Here

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