Top 10 Worlds Most Annoying Video Games Ever

Hello gamer friends, probably everyone who has ever played games knows that they can bring not only positive emotions and a good mood.

But some games are just like this.

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Well, today we bring you the list of top ten most annoying games that can drive anyone up the wall.

Let’s get it on.

Top 10 Most Annoying Video Games

10) QWOP

Our number ten in the list of top 10 annoying games is QWOP. This is a ragdoll based browser video game, developed and published by Bennett Foddy. The game was released on 12 November 2008 for internet browsers and also available for iOS and Android.

QWOP gameplay

A couple of years after the release on the internet, the game becomes a popular internet meme in the year of December 2010. In the game, the player plays as an athlete named ‘QWOP’, as he participated at the Olympic Games in 100 meters race event. The player moves the QWOP using Q, W, O, and P keyword keys.

The player must control the movement of QWOP’s legs to make him move forward trying to not fall on the ground. The movement is so difficult that makes the game so annoying and hard to play. The creator Benett Foddy said that he gets a lot of hate mails for making this game.

9) Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion is a racing platform video game developed Redlynx, Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Kiev. The game was released on 24 April 2014 for Microsoft Windows and also available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

It was published by Ubisoft, it is the fifth installment in the trial series and the first one to released in PS4. This game will be played in single and multiplayer mode.

In the game, the players take control of a rider. As he goes through the number of obstacles in between the levels from a physics-based motorcycle. The game will be using 3D graphics and played on a 2D plane, so the player can only move forward and backward.

Trails Fusion gameplay

The rider shifts his weight front and reverses to perform wheelie or stoppie to clear the levels. The multiplayer mode of the game allows up to 8 players to race in different tracks by connecting online.

8) Gravity Defied

Gravity Defied is a motorcycle trial racing video game developed by Codebrew Software. The game was released in the year of 2004 for the J2ME platform, the Android version of the game was launched in 2012. This game was totally remade and ported classic version for the Android and iOS devices with almost unchanged.

The game brings you the most realistic physics-based mobile platform. As you race through the different obstacles and includes more than 1000 levels mods made by fans since 2007.

You can install and switch between any modes in the game menu. The gameplay looks simple but one awkward moment will make you fall from the motorcycle. That you restart the game once again that makes the game so annoying.

7) Geometry Dash

Our number seven in the list of top 10 annoying games is Geometry Dash. This is a rhythm-based platform video game, which is developed by Robert Topala and published by RobTop Games.

The game was released on 13 August 2013 for iOS, Android and also released for Windows and Mac OS later. The game is consists of 21 levels and had more than 50 million levels online made by players. All of each level features unique background music.

The Geometry Dash uses a simple tapping or clicking system to control the different objects, that react when a tap or click anywhere on the screen. The speed of the dash is cannot be controlled by the player, the only way to change the speed is by touching a speed modifier. The timing and rhythm of the music are the major parts of the game.

6) I Wanna Be The Guy

I Wanna Be The Guy

I Wanna Be The Guy is in our number six in the list of top 10 annoying games. This is a 2D platform video game created by Micheal “Kayin” O’ Reilly. It was released on 5 October 2007 for Microsoft Windows. This game is mostly known for its difficulty in level design, sound effects, and characters.

I Wanna Be The Guy Gameplay

In this game, the player controls as ‘The Kid’. The control of movement is limited to left and right, jumping, double jumping, and shooting. The game is made up of several stages that spilled into many screens and a boss will be defeated at the end of the stage.


This is a 2D puzzleplatform video game developed by Terry Cavanagh and published by Nicolis. It was released on 11 January 2010 for Microsoft Windows and also available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

The game was built in adobe flash and also later ported to C++ later. The game includes eight levels, one final level, and two intermissions.

VVVVVV gameplay

In the game, the player can reverse the direction of gravity when standing on a surface. Causing the player to fall upwards and downwards. This game feature was first seen in the 8-bit game terminus in the year of 1986. The player can change the direction to avoid the various objects like spikes and moving enemies.

4) Battletoads

Our number four in the list of top 10 annoying games is Battletoads. This is a beat ’em up game developed by Rare in the year 1991. The game is available to play in NES, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and other platforms. This game is all about a hero toad as he kills all the enemies and defeats the Dark Queen as the final boss.

Battletoads gameplay

The game character can attack with hands and feet and use weapons like sticks and grenades that sound to normal. But the main annoying thing is lack of save points as your health bar reaches zero you start the whole game from the beginning.

3) Cat Mario

Cat Mario is a 2D Japanese platform video game known for its hardest levels. That designed to cause frustration due to harmless-looking objects that suddenly get in your way to kill the player. It is the parody of Super Mario Bros. and it was released in December 2017.

Cat Mario

In the game, the player controls a cat character, who passes through side-scrolling platform levels and is similar to Super Mario Bros. The game includes four levels and six in the online version. The levels designed with traps to trick the player to confuse their previous knowledge of Super Mario Bros.

2) Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is an arcade side-scrolling game developed and published by dotGears. It was released on 24 May 2013for Andriod and iOS devices. The creator of the game said that he only spent a few days working on this bird game. The game suddenly gains popularity after a year of release in early 2014. By February 1st the game becomes the number one free game at the app store.

In the game, the player controls the bird that fly’s in between of green pipes without hitting them. The player had to tap on the mobile screen to maintain the flying level you score more by crossing max pipes.

This game becomes so difficult to play that it becomes hated and a lot of people broken many gadgets for this game. The creator receives a lot of hated comments so he decides to remove the official version of the game from the app store.

1) Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It is a platform video game is created by Bennett Foddy. It was released in October 2017 for Windows where it can be played over 2.7 million players across the world. The player controls as a silent man named Diogenes as he sits in a pot or cauldron.

Diogenes has a hammer in his hand from which he can climb through a mountain with objects stuck in the middle. As you move the character only by your mouse or touch-pad that this part will make this game so difficult. If you make one wrong move you can fall at the bottom starting point. The game has no saving points, no cheats and no tools to clear.

That’s it, thanks for reading. If you like our top ten list then share it with your friends. Which one game you find the most annoying let us know in the comments.

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