Best PC Games Downloading Websites [2020]

Gaming is the best way to have fun nowadays and it evolves bigger than ever. In this article, we’ll bring the list of ten best pc game downloading websites. These websites include various types of games like action, adventure, arcade, sports, racing games, and more. Some of the websites are free while some of them will charge you per game. So let’s find out the list:

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PC Game Downloading Websites

10. Game Top

Gametop website

From arcade classics to action games this gaming site is a number one source to the free games. Here you will find thousands of intense full pc version games for windows that area very fun and addictive.

You can play a lot of online games like racing, shooting, and adventure games. This site will be updated frequently to offer new types of games to download. The one good feature of this site is that they provide free games at small sizes to take less disk space.

9. Softpedia

Softpedia Website

This is another gaming site that provides users with a facility to purchase and download games at a very reasonable price. Softpedia contains massive categories of games like action, arcade, RPG, survival, and fantasy games.

It also offers free game cheats and demos to the players. You can find any app you’re looking for and it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android as well.

8. Uplay

Uplay Website

Uplay is digital distribution management and communication service it was developed by Massive Entertainment. It was a home for Ubisoft Games, easily download and install all of your favorite Ubisoft PC games in one location.

Pick from an extensive list of beta versions, trails, and a free weekend to experience PC games. Stay up to date with all the latest news from Ubisoft games and enjoy original PC content. Connect with your friends all in one place to play together. Access a catalog that includes newly released, latest, classic titles and beloved PC franchises.

7. Skidrow Reloaded

Skidrow Reloaded

Skidrow Reloaded is also the biggest online gaming site where you can download and purchase the games. You can safely download the all newest PC games from this site contains a variety of action, adventure, puzzle, simulation, strategy, and many more video games.

Games can be downloaded through multi links, mirror race, hitfile, torrents, and many other links. It also allows the user to request any game link to download. The site does not provide enough features to users as the site not updated very well. 

6. Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games is developed by a British Software company Ocean Software that offers the latest PC games in small sizes. The game has a large variety of action, RPG, arcade, survival, and fantasy games and also provides networking features through its community where people can interact together.

It allows the multiplayer mode to challenge other players or friends with great gaming experience. Ocean of Games is also compatible with Mac and Linux platforms with great streaming features.

5. Epic Games Store

 Epic Games Store

This is a digital video game storefront for windows and macOS operated by Epic Games. It comes in the distribution market after the success of Fornite which is distributed by their own channel rather than other storefronts.

The store offers an incredible discount on video games and also offers one free game every two weeks. The free games categories feature some interesting action story-driven games and also allow you to purchase the game you want, while through the launcher can install and update the game.

4. GOG PC Games Downloading Websites

GOG is formerly known as a Good Old Games is a digital distribution platform for video games and films. It is operated by GOG and the subsidiary is owned by CD Projekt.

You can download and purchase games and movies online, install the game with one click and it will automatically update the game if you want or you can disable auto-update.

The installed games from this platform can be played offline without connecting to the internet to run and play. It has a large variety of games with excellent features and compatible with Mac and Linux.

3. G2A

G2A PC Games Downloading Websites

G2A is one of the fastest-growing digital marketplaces that had over twelve million customers and two million sellers all around the world. doesn’t sell or buy games but only delivers different platforms for others to sell and buy digital products.

It provides all sorts of platforms to its customers like Steam, Xbox, Origin, Apple, etc. It contains different genre action, puzzle, simulation, arcade, etc like games. Also, features a home-based job with a competitive salary so gamers can earn and play. The gift cards for various platforms are also sold here. This website is known for one of the best pc game downloading websites.

2. Origin Games

Origin Games

Origin is digital distribution software that offers a huge online gaming arena developed by Electronic Arts. In this place, you can purchases games on your PC and on your mobile devices. Origin offers many social networking features like Twitch TV, Facebook, Xbox Live, & Nintendo Live.

It provides a varied range of action, arcade, sports, and many more games free of cost to download and some of them you need to buy. Origin has a huge number of online games, you can get some nice deals during summer sales of the year it was the best time to buy the games that you want to play.

1. Steam

Steam PC Games Downloading Websites

Steam is the best safe websites to download free PC games for Windows 7, 10, and Mac versions. This PC gaming website is developed by Valve Corporations and has been functioning for the past thirteen years and trusted by millions of users.

Steam has a massive collection of free games and paid games like PUBG, GTA V, Counter-Strike, and more to purchase and play. It provides thousands of games in over 28 languages from action to adventure games and also allows the players to stream videos of games for movies, demo, tutorials, or episodes. Enjoy the game alone or share with your friends with a wide range of games that last for all year long.

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