Top 10 Games like PUBG MOBILE [Worth Looking] in 2020

I know you have already played PUBG mobile for so many times but what other battle royal games like PUBG might be worth a look? There are so many different mobile games that seem to run in the same format as PUBG mobile. So today we bring you the top 10 games like PUBG mobile.

Games like PUBG mobile

Here are some of the PUBG mobile alternatives that you can try out easily.

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10) Survivor Royale

Survivor Royale

Survivor Royale is a survival game like PUBG MOBILE for mobile, which is developed and published by NetEase Games. The game is very much similar to PUBG Mobile that you have to drop on a map with 100 players and pick up weapons to fight and survive till the end to win the battle royale.

Survivor Royale Gameplay

The area of the map becomes smaller with time as you have to be in the safe zone otherwise you will take damage. There is an additional mode called Firework Night, where you have to play only with firework weapons to kill enemies.

9) Bullet Strike Battlegrounds

Bullet Strike Battlegrounds

Bullet Strike Battlegrounds is a multiplayer survival shooter game developed and published by Horus Entertainment. It was released on November 07, 2017, for Android and iOS.


The gameplay is similar to the other battle royale games, where the player will be dropped in a deserted island with 20 other players and you have to survive and kill the other players to win the game. The game gives you a high-quality 3D graphics, and you to option to test your skills in the quick match mode.

8) Vast Survival

Vast Survival

Vast Survival is an online multiplayer game, which can be played in an open-world. It was developed and published by Hoodoo and was released on October 30, 2016, for Android and iOS. The game is in the alpha phase of development with bringing new updated by developers to introduce new features.


The game includes up to 26 players to an open world map that includes a beautiful place. You also craft, build, hunt, do voice chat in the game fight out the battle and survive the game till the end. Hence this game is in alpha development you can expect lag and glitches in the game.

7) Knives Out

Knives Out

Knives Out is a battle royale game is also developed and published by Netease Game and it was released on November de 2017. The game is available for android, iOS, PS4, and Windows. The gameplay is the same as PUBG as 100 players lands on an arena and the last man standing is the winner of the game. It has some amazing visual effects and high-graphics with smooth gameplay.

6) Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is a 2019 Chinese battle royale which is also developed and published by NetEase Games. It was released on April 26, 2019, for Android, iOS, and Windows. This multiplayer game is also similar to other battle royale formats. The player has to drop on an island with 99 other players found some weapons and resources survive till the end to win the game.

Cyber Hunter gameplay

The players can easily customize his character at the start of the game. You can be dropped by on jet-fueled hoverboards, not by A parachute. The game s packed the host of the different elements including shooting, survival, exploration and much more including parkour skills also. In short, this is a kind of brand new experience in gaming.

5) Black Survival

Black Survival

Black Survival is another game like PUBG MOBILE, and this survival game released on February 5, 2016. It was developed and published by O’olBlue Inc. for Andriod, iOS and Windows. This is a strategic real-time and role-playing game, it has a map to reach and drop in 22 different areas. You can be able to play in a 20 minutes map with 20 players in the game.

Black Survival Gameplay

The game controls and action buttons are easy it took just 10 minutes to understand the basics. After dropping on a map you have to equip guns and accessories (that can be easily found on this game to fight against enemies, there are over 600 weapons to choose in this game.

4) Garena Free Fire

Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a survival shooter battle royale game, which can be last up to ten minutes. It was released on November 20, 2017, for Android and iOS. It was developed by in 111dots Studio and published by Garena. The game can be played against 49 other players for a ten minute battle like a quick match.


It serves the same kind of gameplay like PUBG even match-making is good you can play solo, duo and squad mode. The basics of this battle royale remain the same as you drop on an island find suitable weapons to stay inside the zone and become the last man standing alive to win this battle royale.

3) Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is a popular online multiplayer battle royale game. The game was released as beta access on November 17, 2017. It follows the standard form of battle royale category, where the player will have to survive till the end from 120 players dropping on an island or map. and become the last person or team alive to win the game.


The players can choose Solo, Duo, Squad or a fire team (consist of 5 players) to enter the math. The game consists of two playable maps that are Ghille Island and Fearless Ford. The game servers are located in Asia, America, and Europe for servers. The tutorials of, the game can be shown at the start for 10 minutes you can also skip that f you to the, control the game.

2) Fortnite


Fortnite is another perfect alternative to games like PUBG MOBILE. This battle royale online video game is developed and published by EPIC Games. It was released on July 25. 2017 for Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4. iOS and Android. It is similar to PUBG where the game starts 100 players from a Battle bus jump on an island Surviving till the end to win this battle royale. This game has high graphics with the best customization options.

1) Call of Duty Mobile Beta

Call of Duty Mobile

Yes after a long time the call of Duty mobile is finally available for your Android and iOS devices. It is a free-to-play shooter game which is developed by Tencent Games and published by Activision. The game is just released on 1st November 2019 for Android & iOS devices

Call of Duty Mobile gameplay

Being developed for the mobile version of this game has brought us of the maps, weapons, and characters all across the Call of Duty series. I hope it will become the best action-packed experience on our mobile devices. You can download and enjoy the game official COD Mobile game.

That’s the top 10 list on Games like PUBG MOBILE hope you enjoyed it. If yes then please share this article with your friends.

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