Top 10 zombie games for android

Top 10 Best Zombie Games for Android [Full of Action]

Hello Gamers, Do you like to play some extreme shooting, zombie smashing games? Well, today we bring you the top 10 best zombie games for android. Zombie games are very popular and always like to play on the PC because it gives you the best gaming experience.

But most zombie games are played on mobile devices. So today I bring you some of the top 10 best zombie games for android, which has breathtaking graphics and intense fighting action.

These zombie killing games are best and I loved to play and it is super interesting as well. So let’s start

Here’s our list for top 10 best zombie games for android:

10) Stupid Zombies 3

Stupid Zombies 3 is a zombie shooter game developed by Gameresort and the third installment of the Stupid Zombies series. It is side-scrolling platform gameplay, where zombies have taken the world and some heroes come up to fight against zombies.

Stupid Zombies 3

The unique part of this game is you have only limited bullets to shoot zombies in a level. It is more puzzle game than shooting when a bullet hits the wall it travel towards is for five to six times. You will have to plan your shot to kill more zombies in a single bullet to score huge combos. You can play with different weapons like shotgun, an RPG launcher, and some bombs.

Stupid Zombies gameplay

It is sound interesting and challenging right? use your shooting skills to defeat zombies and clear up to 200 levels in this game.

It is free to download the game, get it from Play Store:

9) Zombie Highway 2

Zombie Highway 2 is developed by Auxbrain Inc, and it is the second installment of the Zombie Highway series. The game is simple you are driving a car on the highway, some peoples stand near the road but they are zombies. They try to jump in your car and try to take down you but how long can you survive.

Zombie Highway 2

The survival is simple you have a heavily armed car with guns loaded, try to fight as much as zombies to clear the highway. There are eleven types of zombies in your game that try to kill you clear the levels and unlock new items. The game includes six types of heavy cars and eighteen types of upgradeable weapons.

Zombie Highway 2 gameplay

Download this free game from your Play Store:

8) Zombie Gunship Survival

Our number eight in the list of top 10 zombie games for android is Zombie Gunship Battle. It is a basic zombie survival game, where you fire a huge group of zombies from the air. This sniper shooting game puts you with some huge weapons like canons and heavy guns in the air from a gunship.

Zombie Gunship Survival

Survive the zombie apocalyptic world where all of the population is dead and turned into zombies. Where few survivors left and picked up weapons to fight against them. Defeat zombies from the air with your heavy guns upgrade them in the shop to create more damage and survive the world.

It is free to play the game you can download it from your play store:

7) Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 is action, strategy and adventure game, developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronic Arts. After the popular hit of its first part plants vs zombies game, the sequel was released worldwide on 23 October 2013 for Android. The gameplay is the same as the first part but the graphics and level design will be increased.

Plants vs Zombies 2 gameplay

The games are about protecting your home from the hordes of zombies. The game includes a house owner named Crazy Dave trying to find his taco. He grows some powerful plants to fight against zombies with some powerful abilities.

Dave has a time machine named Penny to travel some historical worlds to find his taco and defeating zombies. The game is very popular and interesting and already 100 million downloads done from the play store.

You can also try this game it’s free to play download it from Play Store:


6) Unkilled


Unkilled is a zombie shooter game is very addictive and developed by MADFINGER Games. It is released on 3 September 2015 for Android and iOS devices. This first-person shooter game is very popular it was downloaded three million times in 10 days after release, and till now it is 110 million downloads from play store.

Unkilled gameplay

The game follows a character named Joe, who is a member of the wolf pack. A private military fighter tasked to fight with zombies before they take all the world. The game contains 300 missions to survive and complete, with over 40 different types of weapons. This game can also be played in the online multiplayer mode, where you can fight with other players.

You can download the game from your Play Store:

5) Dead Target

Dead Target zombie shooting survival game is developed by VNG Game Studios. The game can be played in the first-person mode, where zombies waves appear like a tsunami. Shoot the zombies before they came too near you with given collectible weapons. This is one of the best zombies game to survive.

Dead Target

The game takes place in the year 2040, where World War-lll has begun from the zombies. Some chemical virus did damage to peoples, and it is spreading all over the world. A special sniper team was hired to fight with these zombies and to save the world. You can shoot with weapons like Shotgun, Rifles, SMG and Machine Guns. upgrade the weapons to become more powerful by collecting money from shooting zombies.

Dead Target gameplay

Download the game from Play Store:

4) The Walking Dead

The Waking Dead

The Walking Dead game is based on popular zombie American TV series The Walking Dead, and now the original TV series comes in form of the game in Androids devices. The game is developed and published by Telltale Games, and based on The Walking Dead comic book series.

This game consists of five episodes with different dates of release, and available on platforms like Android, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

The Walking Dead gameplay

This game can be played in the third-person perspective, as you take control of a character named Lee Everett. Where he puts in a zombie apocalyptic world with a young girl named Clementine.

Player has to rescue them self and survive the world by defeating zombies, he can examine and interact with the items and surrounding characters to defend himself. In this game, there are five episodes the first one was free to play but from 2 to 5 you have to buy for USD $5.00 per episode.

Get the game from your Play Store:

3) Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a zombie survival horror video game, developed and published Madfingers Games. It is released on 23 October 2013, for Android and iOS devices. The game can be played in the first-person mode, it is the sequel of Dead Trigger game series.

The zombie apocalypse world has begun, a dangerous virus turned peoples to zombies and its spreading all over the world. Some of the fighters survived the virus and try to fight all zombies with highly powerful weapons.

Dead Trigger 2

Get ready for the zombie war its time to rise up and fight against the zombies. The game includes 33 new different war battlefield, plan your strategy throughout the game. Become a pro shooter with over 50 types of powerful weapons, sharpen your sniping and combat skills. Play into more than 600 gameplay scenarios and clear all the levels.

Download the game from your Play Store:

2) Into The Dead 2

Into The Dead 2 is a zombie shooter game is developed by PIKPOK and sequel of Into The Dead. The game becomes very popular with 70 million downloads on Play Store. Journey the world of apocalypse from zombies in the race to survive and save your family. Arm your self with powerful weapons survive the game and clear your path.

Into The Dead 2

The game includes complete action-packed 7 chapters, with over 60 stages and theirs a hundred of challenges to play. You can have powerful weapons and ammo packs unlock more weapons and upgrade firearms, explosives and melee weapons.

Discover immerse environment from a different location from military bases to oil fields and farms. Into The Dead 2 had the highly boasted graphics and incredible gameplay that it captures in your mind.

Into The Dead 2 gameplay

Download this superb game via Play Store:

1) Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a zombie shooting game developed by BadFly Interactive. It was released on 28 October 2015 for Android and iOS devices, and also available on Windows and PlayStation 4. It is the sequel of the original series of Dead Effect gameplay of this game is both similar, but the horror and action is different. This game looks to push the boundaries of mobile gaming into another level, with his stunning graphic and realistic effects.

Dead Effect 2 gameplay

The game is set on the spaceship ESS Meridian after the death of Dr. Wagner a character from the first sequel of the game. This game can be played in the firstperson mode gameplay and it has better controls from the first game. You can play as a character named Gunnar Davis, he can use high powered weapons to shoot like explosives, shotguns, and melee weapons. The player can enter slow motion mode using virtual buttons to fight with zombies.

Dead Effect 2 gameplay

Download the game via Play Store:

That’s it. Thank you for reading hope you like our top 10 best zombie games for Android devices. If yes then please share with your friends I really appreciate. Leave a comment by telling which game you want to try first.

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